Charlotte Katie Bartle is a postgraduate researcher specialising in literature and humanities. 

She studied English at the University of Hull (2009-2017), and completed an MRes in Humanities at Newman University, Birmingham (2020). She is studying for a PhD in literature at the University of Wolverhampton with a project titled,
‘To render present that which is absent’: Hair, mourning, and memory in Victorian and Neo-Victorian literature and culture.

Research Interests
Charlotte’s research interests predominantly lie in nineteenth-century and neo-Victorian literature, especially focusing on death, mourning, memorialisation, and psychology. As an undergraduate she developed a keen interest in the Scandinavian Modern Breakthrough and in New Woman literature. Further interests include asylums, the Gothic, Victorian spiritualism, horror, and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. 

She began presenting her ongoing research in 2011 and was shortlisted for the BPS Psychology of Women Section Student Prize in 2013 with an essay titled, ‘”Staying here will be good for you”: Amalie Skram and the [un]willing female psychiatric patient’. Her undergraduate dissertation continued this research and compared the duplicity, complicity, and subversion in Professor Hieronimus and Paa St. Jørgen by Amalie Skram, and Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. 

Charlotte’s MRes dissertation examined nineteenth-century and neo-Victorian representations of Elizabeth Siddall and was titled, ‘Her and her red hair famous for ever’: The Conflicting, [Re]Constructed, and Problematic Cultural Afterlife of Elizabeth Siddall’. 

Currently, she is undertaking a PhD which considers the use of hair to memorialise, and its role in mourning, in the nineteenth century and in subsequent neo-Victorian literary and cultural representations. 

Charlotte is from East Yorkshire, where she is still based. 

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